Hello and welcome to Tending To Our Roots!  I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

So, what is Tending To Our Roots? Tending To Our Roots is a blog for sharing my research and genealogy journey with my family and friends. To break it down a little, Tending To Our Roots is  a place for:

  • Sharing updates on my research
  • Sharing updates on my family
  • Sharing updates on websites that I find useful in my genealogy research
  • Sharing my techniques and tools used for my research
  • Sharing anything else that I may find useful in my journey

Notice the emphasis on "Sharing"! That's what I am striving to do. Share my research! :-)

Now, one thing to take note of is that I love to share but I also like to see a little respect. When it comes to my stories, my pictures or any other content on this site, I would like to request that you have the decency to ASK before you share. I understand that authoring a blog may mean putting things out there to grab but I feel we are all decent folks and can use a little common decency with this.


My genealogy and family history research is centered around the four surnames of my grandparents: FORBES, SPANGLER, STEVENSON and GAMBLE. My paternal grandparents were David Franklin SPANGLER and Ora Elizabeth GAMBLE. My maternal grandparents were George Charles FORBES and Winnie Ida STEVENSON.

The research on my wife's side, which will eventually be featured also, revolves around these surnames: NORTON, JULIUS, FOULK and LIGHT. My wife's paternal grandparents were Robert Lee JULIUS and Cleo Marie LIGHT. Her maternal grandparents were Haymer NORTON and Mary Agatha FOULK.

If you are researching any of these surnames, this site may be helpful for you!

For other surnames and the locations associated with them, feel free to check out my Surnames/Locations  page.

Please, feel free to contact me any time you have a question about anything and especially if you feel we might be related! Feel free to use the search bar to the right of this post to search and see if we might be related.

Have a great day!