In April of 2005, I launched a site called The Forbes-Stevenson Genealogy Home Page. There I shared my research on my maternal line.

March 27, 2007 I launched a blog to go along with my web site and called it Beyond Fiction. Not long after doing this, I moved my site to a new domain so that I could feature my research on both my maternal and paternal lines.

Somewhere around 2009 we decided to "physically" relocate to North Carolina. This started a roller coaster ride that resulted in 4 months in N. C., 6 months back in Texas and then back to N. C., for almost 4 years until moving back to Texas in 2013!

In November of 2010 my grandson was diagnosed with stage 4 Medulloblastoma cancer. Needless to say, this changed our life completely. There's been lots of ups and downs but he is doing great today! I'm so thankful for my little buddy! :-)

I've had ups and I've had downs but through it all I have continued to try to maintain my blog. I even lost everything in 2010 when I forgot to renew my hosting. I just picked up and kept going. It hasn't always been pretty but it's always been FUN!

In January of 2013 I decided to change the name of my blog again. I hadn't called it Beyond Fiction since 2010, when I lost everything. I chose to call it Ken's Family Blog. I wasn't something I was crazy about and I considered going back to the Beyond Fiction moniker but opted instead to go with Ken's Gen. I finally just gave up on the blog in 2013.

That brings us to today. I have chosen to start a blog with a different approach. One that will not focus on just my research but allow me to share whatever is on my mind. It's my desire to share not only my research on my family but also on my wife's family. For the first time, I took care to not put anything about my name in the title. Now I am just "Tending To Our Roots".


My name is Kenneth W. Spangler. They say behind every good man is a great woman so I am including a picture of my lovely wife as well!

I began researching my family history around June of 2000, shortly after the death of my father. My goal is to find as much information as possible and compile it in a way that I can share it with my children and pass it on to them.

I work a 40-hour (and then some) per week job in a manufacturing environment. I am married with three children and one grandson. My family takes a huge part of my time and I don't mind.

I have no formal education as a genealogist. Most of what I know I have learned from reading other blogs and from other websites. I take pride in being able to learn what I want to know by searching the web. I'd say I am a self-made man but I'm really just a man who is a product of his interactions with others! :-)

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to visit anytime and stay as long as you want! :-)