Monday, November 6, 2017

Just A Small Aside, Using My Blog For A Rant!

Hello again everyone! I have to start off today with an apology. I have a lot of things on my mind and I really have no other place to say them than here.

First off, let me say that researching my family and doing genealogy has been so rewarding to me. I have never regretted doing it, even when I learned things that really hurt at the time. Over time I have learned that we have to accept that not all of our relatives are perfect or angels or even someone we might be proud of. They are all still our ancestors though! :-)

One of the unfortunate things about doing genealogy is that sometimes we are hurt by the words of those who are still with us. It's not always intentional, as a matter of fact it is usually done in ignorance but it is still hurtful just the same.

It's amazing, really, to see how people perceive things. In my life, I've done things to try to cheer people up and it has worked. The problem is usually that someone hijacks my good will and they end up taking credit for it. In the long run, most folks end up thinking I am selfish and self-absorbed. Maybe I am, I usually think only of my family and what I can do to help them out. It's not always financially but I've given food baskets, love, and just been there to listen when able. I don't need to be out front to know I am doing well in life. I know there is One who sees and knows more than any other what I do and don't do.

So, let me just say that when I have done this for 17 years now and have had no problem in sharing my research with anyone that it hurts when folks, without realizing it maybe, say that I should get with someone else because they are the "genealogy guru". Yes, this person has done this longer than I have but I also know that a lot of what this person has came from ME! The research that this person did was far from complete and sometimes completely wrong but I did the research myself, corrected things and then this person updated their research to reflect it. If this person is the "guru" then what does that make me? Apparently, according to others, I'm just a seasonal genealogist and can't compare to this person! :-(

Listen, I'm not saying I am a professional genealogist. I would never say that. I can say that I do take pride in what I do. I do not add things just because I see someone else has it. I look at the evidence and if the evidence is right then I will add it. I can also say that I have found many mistakes in my research and have corrected them as soon as possible. I literally took almost 6 months to even get a jump start on my research on my maternal side because I didn't have anyone who wanted to tell me anything. Persistence paid off and I was finally able to get enough of a tidbit that I was able to do a lot more than anyone might have imagined. I even managed to find a half-brother that my mother and her siblings had and connected him with them. Not a lot came of it but I did connect them. I found the evidence of my maternal grandfather's first marriage. The evidence of his older sister. I was later found to be correct when I hooked up with my cousin Maxine who has helped me tremendously.

Can I just say that I do love this person who is referred to as the "genealogy guru"! I have worked with them and have learned some from them, especially in how NOT to do something. This person is constantly stressing that we should share but holds back a lot of stuff. This person learned a lot from me but never gave me any credit. Instead they just took it and gave it as their own. I introduced them to Find-A-Grave, Family Search and even Ancestry DNA. However, no credit has ever been given.

Now, let me take a moment to point out that I have never given this person's name or even their sex! This could be anyone! I am not calling this person out personally. I am just pointing out that it is hard when I have done this for 17 years and have yet to be taken seriously!

For anyone who is new to genealogy, understand that it is not always going to be peaches and cream! Sometimes it can be very dark but you just have to keep pressing on. After all, you are not in it for the fame, you are in it for the heritage that you can pass on to whoever may be willing to take it!

Anyway, enough has been said today. My rant is over and I will try my best to not say things like this again. Sometimes you just have to say something! :-(


Friday, November 3, 2017

My First Steps In Getting Organized

Today, I will share how I have started to try to get my digital genealogy organized. I say digital because I decided quite a while back to go completely digital with my genealogy. Whether this is right or wrong is a totally different topic so wipe that thought from your head right now and keep reading! :-)

First, let me just say that I have been doing this since about May of 2000. That's over 17 years now and I have tried several different methods of organizing. Unfortunately, the result of all those different methods is that I now can search my hard drive(s) and find up to 20 or 30 copies of every record for every person! What a mess! I need a way of bringing all that together and sorting it and getting it down to one copy of each item for each person! So, how do I do that?

Here is my current approach to this dilemma - an organizational tree that starts with my parents, goes back to my grandparents and then continues as needed. But wait, I also need to document the living generations so that others coming behind me will not have to do that research either! How do I do that?

Here is the solution I, and I do mean I, have come up with. I will start with my parents and put them in a folder that is called GENERATION 1. I will put my grandparents in a folder called GENERATION 2, my great-grandparents in a folder called GENERATION 3 and so on and so on. You catch the drift, right?

For the living generations I will put myself in a folder called GENERATION A, my children in a folder called GENERATION B, my grandchildren in a folder called GENERATION C and so on and so on. Easy to comprehend?

Now, logically, GENERATION 1 will have more than just my parents in there. It will also have all their siblings (my aunts and uncles) and their sibling's spouses. GENERATION 1 will also have all my parents first-cousins and whoever else fits into that generation.

GENERATION A will have more than just me. It will have my wife, my siblings and their spouses and my first cousins as well as any other folks who fit into this generation.

With this being done like this, it will also make it easy for anyone else to use this system and folder structure under it with very little changes. For instance, if my daughter wanted to copy my genealogy and use it for her research, she would simply change GENERATION A to GENERATION 1 and then GENERATION 1 to GENERATION 2 and so on. For her, GENERATION B would be changed to GENERATION A.

I know this sounds confusing but, if you can think logically, this actually makes pretty good sense. Everything falls into a logical, chronological order and it all goes from what you know to what you are learning. I've seen some who start with Generation 1 being the oldest known relative but that just doesn't make sense to me. If you use that logic, then every time you find someone new you will have to change you whole organizational structure!

So, now that I have outlined this, let me give you a little sample of the folder structure.

I will elaborate further on this as I go along. For now, this is just a preview of how I plan on organizing my digital files. Stay tuned for further details.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Welcome To Tending To Our Roots!

Hello and welcome! I would like to thank you for stopping by and visiting my humble little abode!

I've recently decided to "reopen" Tending To Our Roots. I've made several attempts at blogging in the past and my last attempt was this little place here. I regret that I got busy with life and let it fall to the wayside but I've come to try to clean off a little of the dirt and weeds and get this thing going again.

The obvious question to be asked is what is your purpose for this site? Well, I do have a lot of plans I would like to implement but I think I will basically take it one day at a time. My biggest thing right now is to chronicle my journey as I begin to re-organize my genealogy and try to get thing back in shape. Secondly, I would like to "resurrect" some of my older posts from when I first started blogging back in 2007. There were several posts that I really enjoyed doing, such as my series on how my Dad loved dirt-track racing and others. That is something I feel I can fit in as I go. The last thing I would think of is creating a web site to go along with the blog. I've done this in the past but I must say that I cancelled it all because it became much too expensive to keep up with and the interest was very minimal. No since in wasting money if I don't need to! If I gauge an interest, I will visit that topic later.

The most interesting thing about starting over is that you can take it in whatever direction you may feel like. I am excited to see what will happen here. I invite you to check back often or, even better, bookmark this blog so that you can keep up with my journey.

Thanks again for stopping by and enjoy your day.